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5 reasons to buy a franchise
July, 2014 Why buy a franchise? Ranging from the simple to the not-so-simple, here are five reasons to consider purchasing a franchise.
Dealing with difficult customers
June, 2014 Dealing with difficult customers can test even the most patient SME owners but it's still important you take a professional approach to the situation as bad customer experiences can actually help improve your business.

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Small Business
Equity financing for my small business
July, 2014 When considering forms of business funding, equity finance may be an option for your SME.
Good credit practices to keep
July, 2014 A clean, healthy credit file is fundamental to small business success.

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Small Business
Taking steps towards good inventory management
August, 2014 Managing your inventory levels is not the most exciting activity but is nonetheless critical in maintaining a good cashflow cycle for your business.
Five cash flow questions to ask yourself
July, 2014 With one-in-three businesses indicating cash flow will be an issue for operations in September quarter of 2014,  it's time to ask  some  questions about how you're managing the money going in, and out of your business.

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Small Business
5 tips to develop an elevator pitch
July, 2014 Everyone has heard of an 'elevator pitch'; a brief but persuasive summary of a business or business idea, used to spark an initial interest in a product, service or concept.
Making networking work for your business
June, 2014 Networking isn't a get-rich-quick scheme.

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Find out about grants and assistance available across the country and in your State.

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Sales expectation soar
05 August, 2014 After stalling over the past three months, the outlook for sales has risen to the highest level since 2003, with 46 per cent of businesses expecting increased activity in the fourth quarter of the year while nine per cent anticipate fewer sales and the majority no change.
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How to turn an idea into a business
May, 2013 Ever had a great idea that never got off the ground? Well, here are 7 easy steps to ensure that's not the case next time.
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