Small Business
Transitioning from a sole trader to a micro-business
August, 2014 Operating as a sole trader may be a viable option for the first year, but once sales pick up and your business expands, you may want to consider calling in additional help.
5 reasons to buy a franchise
July, 2014 Why buy a franchise? Ranging from the simple to the not-so-simple, here are five reasons to consider purchasing a franchise.

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Three creative steps to a better future >
Small Business
Responsibilities of a credit manager
September, 2014 A credit manager is an individual responsible for managing the credit extension function of a business or organisation and monitoring credit accounts on an ongoing basis.
Debt financing for my SME
August, 2014 When it comes to raising the required funds for your small business, there �™s a range of credit options to consider.

Equity financing for my small business >
Good credit practices to keep >
Small Business
Calling a debtor
September, 2014 Making the phone call to discuss an outstanding debt is never easy.
Taking steps towards good inventory management
August, 2014 Managing your inventory levels is not the most exciting activity but is nonetheless critical in maintaining a good cashflow cycle for your business.

Five cash flow questions to ask yourself >
Payment plans for problem debtors >
Small Business
Better networking
September, 2014 Fostering meaningful and lasting relationships is instrumental to creating a successful business, whether you �™re in the business-to-business or business-to-consumer sector.
5 tips to develop an elevator pitch
July, 2014 Everyone has heard of an 'elevator pitch'; a brief but persuasive summary of a business or business idea, used to spark an initial interest in a product, service or concept.

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Five marketing methods to grow your home business >

Find out about grants and assistance available across the country and in your State.

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Bright outlook for business profits
02 September, 2014 Business earnings are expected to return to pre-GFC highs during the final three months of this year on the back of sustained levels of optimism and healthy sales forecasts, with retailers particularly upbeat about increasing their profits.
Sales expectation soar >
More businesses, more failures >
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How to turn an idea into a business
May, 2013 Ever had a great idea that never got off the ground? Well, here are 7 easy steps to ensure that's not the case next time.
Translating the data: An economist's view on small business in 2013 >
Risks of outsourcing overseas >

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