Using sales to boost cash flow

Sales are crucial to the success of your business. In basic terms, if you don't have sales you won't have any revenue for cash flow.

We've identified the top five selling tips that can help you improve your company sales, and ultimately boost your cash flow in the process.

Research the potential client

There is nothing worse than trying to sell to a prospect without knowing their background. Conduct some research before the sales meeting to understand their interests, likes, dislikes and how they do business. This enables you to tailor the presentation to the prospect's needs as you cannot successfully sell to them if you do not know what they want.

Understand your product/service

Understanding your product or service is key to sales as it allows you to present its benefits credibly and accurately.

Prospects are more likely to trust salespeople who are confident and know what they are selling. That's not to say you have to be able to answer every question, especially tough ones. If you don't know an answer it is best to be transparent with the prospect straight away but identify that you will endeavor to get back to them when you have an appropriate answer.

Knowing competitors strengths and weaknesses

Nine times out of ten, the prospect will be in contact with one or more of your competitors. By understanding your competitors' strengths and weaknesses you gain respect from your prospect as it demonstrates thorough knowledge of the overall market.

When and if, the prospect mentions them during your sales meeting it's important to remember the adage; if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all.

Dedicate time to prospect

Many salespeople do not set aside a regular time to prospect. This is a crucial element in acquiring new clients and reconnecting with current clients. By maintaining regular contact it keeps you at the forefront of their minds and continuously builds a relationship. Prospecting can be in the form of phone calls, emails and direct mail.

Be clear and concise

No one likes to have their time wasted so it is important to communicate in a clear and direct manner. Being able to explain concepts clearly eliminates any confusion and demonstrates the simplicity of what you're selling.

Sales relate directly to the triple bottom line of your business so it is an important aspect that requires regular practice and training. By investing in it early, it will pay you dividends in the future.

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