Small Business Cash Flow_small.jpg  90% of small business failures are caused by poor cash flow. Put simply, not enough cash coming in the door and too much going out. Getting paid on time and managing your outgoings is critical to business success. Here you will find all you need to know about ensuring you get paid on time and developing effective cash flow policies.
Collecting overdue debt
Late payments can be an issue regardless of how carefully you choose your credit customers. How will you collect them Your first consideration is to ensure you have a system in place to alert you to aging receivables.
Time for collectors
There is no secret about what debt collectors do. They collect outstanding debts on behalf of customers. Collectors can work on either a contingent basis, where they charge a percentage of the debt collected, or they can purchase the debt outright for a fee which entitles them to any money collected.
Managing bad debtors
Legal proceedings can be complicated and expensive and as a consequence it is important that small firms consider this option carefully before pursuing a claim through the courts. The first thing to consider is the size of the debt    - is it worth pursuing given the time and costs associated with legal action.
Top tips for cash flow
You know cash flow is important but you are not sure  how to start the process? Here are the top tips for managing your cashflow effectively.

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