Small Business Cash Flow_small.jpg  90% of small business failures are caused by poor cash flow. Put simply, not enough cash coming in the door and too much going out. Getting paid on time and managing your outgoings is critical to business success. Here you will find all you need to know about ensuring you get paid on time and developing effective cash flow policies.
Three ways to cut costs and generate cash flow 15 April, 2014
For many SME owners finding the right balance between incoming and outgoing cash flow can be a tricky art to master. Although poor debt management can contribute to cash flow woes, sometimes resolving the issue is as simple as reviewing your budget and identifying ways to limit the outflows.
Outsourcing your debt collection 10 March, 2014
Collecting debt can often be a tricky and awkward challenge for small business owners to front. Sometimes it's a far better investment to employ the assistance of a debt collector rather than waste time chasing up the money owed from your customers by yourself.
Tips to relieve small business debt 06 February, 2014
It's common for SMEs to accumulate debt in order to meet the demands of their business operation, but unfortunately many small businesses are increasingly becoming crippled by the demands of their debt repayments.
Four cost cutting measures to boost cash flow 31 January, 2014
Trying to finance a business and live comfortably is a difficult balance for SME owners to juggle. For many the option of dipping into their personal funds or taking a mortgage against the house to finance their dream business is too hard to resist.
Improving cash flow through payment behaviour 10 January, 2014
Staying on top of your cash flow can be difficult. Trying to account for expenses while worrying about the money coming in can challenge any SME owners, especially during slow periods of business.
Four helpful debt recovery tips 06 January, 2014
If you are one of the many SME owners who have extended credit to customers, chances are you have experienced the frustration of customers that don't pay.
Tips to ensure prompt payments 11 December, 13
There's no better feeling for a small business owner than finishing off a big job that had potential to overwhelm. Freeing yourself from the stress can be exciting, but it's important you don't get caught up in the feeling of relief and forget about the payment your owed.
Using sales to boost cash flow 22 November, 2013
Sales are crucial to the success of your business. In basic terms, if you don't have sales you  won't have any revenue for cash flow.
Tips on generating healthy cash flow 13 November, 2013
Generating business and driving business growth can be an exciting time moving forward, but drawing customers to your product doesn't necessarily translate into healthy cash flow.
Do's and Don'ts of a good collection letter 25 October, 2013
In an ideal world all your customers will have a good payment history and continue to pay their invoices on time. However, it is entirely possible that in the duration of your business lifecycle you may encounter customers who are late to pay their invoices.

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