Small Business credit_small.jpg  Credit is at the heart of every successful small business.  Both accessing credit from suppliers and lenders and providing credit to customers are crucial small business management tools.  Here you will find information on how to manage your own credit policies as well as how to figure out what credit products are right for your business.
Five tips when sourcing finance from friends and family 11 September, 2013
It's not unusual for SMEs to turn to family or friends in order to fund their business especially as start-ups can find it difficult to secure formal finance..
The three C's of effective credit risk management 28 August, 2013
Extending credit to new customers in order to potentially grow your business can be a risky practice that often suffers the adverse effect.
Are you ready to extend credit? 20 August, 2013
The decision to extend credit to your customers can be a fundamental key to business growth, but also a risky practice.
The five C's for credit applications 05 August, 2013
If  you've ever been running around trying to get financial documents in order or sitting outside a bank manager's office, nervously awaiting an interview, chances are you are familiar with the credit application process.
How to effectively utilise a bank overdraft - part two 31 July, 2013
Our follow-up to the benefits of using an overdraft and how to effectively manage one so it works for your business.
How to effectively utilise a bank overdraft - part one 26 July, 2013
There may be times when operating your business you find that your usual cash flow is down and that it's affecting the way you spend money.
10 questions to ask before applying for a bank loan - part one 23 July, 2013
As an SME owner you may find that at one stage or another you need to apply for a bank loan to secure resources to keep your business flourishing.
Effective ways to improve your business credit 17 July, 2013
It can be frustrating experience for small business owner to apply for business credit and it can be equally challenging getting approval on credit applications.
Six types of credit available to your SME - part two 12 July, 2013
There may be times in your business where for one reason or another you need to use credit to keep the ball rolling. In this article we further discuss credit options and look at three additional types of credit available for your SME.
Six types of credit available to your SME - part one 08 July, 2013
Today there is a range of different credit providers and products on the market to help finance your business going forward. However, picking one that works for you can often be a challenging and confusing process.

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