Small Business credit_small.jpg  Credit is at the heart of every successful small business.  Both accessing credit from suppliers and lenders and providing credit to customers are crucial small business management tools.  Here you will find information on how to manage your own credit policies as well as how to figure out what credit products are right for your business.
Bad debt? Stop the problem before it even occurs 24 February, 2011
Bad debt is a common problem for small business owners. As a result a lot of time is spent trying to improve billing and collection efforts. However, for many small businesses this problem can be resolved before it even occurs by ensuring a prospective customer has been risk assessed properly.
Key questions to start your credit assessment process 03 February, 2011
When deciding a potential customer's creditworthiness, there are some basic questions you can ask to get started with your credit assessment process. These questions are fundamental in trying to understand any business and can be used whether you are assessing a major company or new small business.
Case study - watch your customers closely 18 January, 2011
In today's fast-paced world things are constantly changing and chances are so are the circumstances facing your oldest customers.  A company's situation can change virtually overnight - you don't want to find out too late that your best customer has fallen over.
The four C's of business credit 15 December, 2010
A business's creditworthiness is ultimately determined by what are known as the "four Cs of credit". Character, capacity, capital, and conditions - most of which can be found explicitly or implicitly in a companys credit report.
How fraud can strike your business 08 December, 2010
Z Enterprises, a small winery located in northern New South Wales, became a victim of a type of corporate fraud known as long firm fraud. This form of corporate fraud occurs when an apparently legitimate business is set up with the intention of defrauding at some point in the future.
Cleaning up your company's bad credit profile
How bad is your company's credit You may not think about it much, but you can bet your suppliers do. A bad credit rating can damage your company is several ways.
Case study - growing a business with credit
Many small firms have fallen over because they didn't put the right systems and processes in place. However many more - such as Anna's Office Massage Solutions - have achieved outstanding success. In today's fast-paced business world extending credit to customers is increasingly becoming the norm. Therefore it is important for small businesses to ensure they plan correctly so that they stay in business and ahead of the pack.
Checking a customer's credit
In an ideal world, you'd be able to demand full cash payment on delivery of your services. In the real world, however, you're going to have to extend credit to some of your customers.
Make your business more creditworthy
The current environment for small businesses trying to access credit is difficult. The reduction in the number of non-bank lenders caused by the GFC has impacted market competiveness and despite improving economic conditions financial institutions still remain cautious about lending. This means that small businesses need to make sure they are as credit worthy as possible.
Small business finance
For small businesses seeking finance to secure loans, make payroll, manage inventory, or expand, the more options out there the better. However, the global financial downturn has made a significant dent in the small business lending market, resulting in a new competitive landscape. The GFC flushed many of the smaller non-bank lenders out of the market and despite improving economic conditions, many banks still remain cautious in their lending practices.

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