Family business - recruiting outside the family

As a business owner it's important to make all employees feel comfortable and welcome from their very first day.

A happy workforce is a productive workforce so some simple recognition can go a long way to improving your working environment. Family run SMEs are no different, and it's essential that non-family employees are made to feel at home from the beginning.

Non-family employees are a great option for family businesses because they remove the obligation out of a potential hire and can be recruited based purely on their expertise. But for many businesses making the change can be a difficult decision and making non-family member employees feel welcome can be a challenging scenario.

Below are three tips to consider that can make your employees feel more welcome and appreciated if you decide to recruit outside the family.

Build an invested interest

If your are employing a non-family member for a significant role and expect them to be crucial to the future success of the business it's a good idea to ensure they have some invested interest that ties them back to the business.

For some businesses this might mean offering shares to the new employee and for others it could be as simple as exploring potential pathways the new employee could grow into. The most important thing is that you avoid favouritism toward family members at all costs.

Keep them in involved

Regardless of your new employee's position, in order to keep them interested and motivated in the business it's a good idea to keep them involved.

This could be achieved by considering their opinion on any significant changes that the business is considering or even by boosting their responsibility after they have demonstrated a strong worth ethic at your SME. By doing this you not only improve your chances of holding onto a strong worker, you also display that your employee's work is being recognised.

Welcome them into the family

Although working with family can sometimes be frustrating and challenging, one of the major benefits of working with family is that they will always be there with you. There is a general enthusiasm around a family business that can't be replicated in most other startups.

Therefore the best way to welcome any new employee to your business is to welcome them as if they are joining your family. Family businesses are usually close-knit units so it's important you select a new recruit  who you could happily share a lot of time with outside of work.

The best way to guarantee a strong working environment is by making sure everyone is comfortable and happy with the role at the company.

Employing non-family members for your family business may seem daunting at first, but by embracing their work and making them feel like a valued member of not just the workforce, but the family, you can essentially continue to build on the initial success you have generated.

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