Three creative steps to a better future

Many SME owners often make the mistake of dismissing creativity as something that isn't necessary in their industry. Just because some industries seem boring or mundane, doesn't mean they can't adopt a creative approach or maintain a competitive edge through creative thinking.

Creativity can often lead to innovation and even minor innovation in an industry can be the difference between leading the pack and being the one that follows. However, one of the major roadblocks in embracing creativity is breaking away from the norms of everyday work.

Below are three steps that can contribute to your creative future and help you develop that next big competitive edge.

Change up your regular routine

SME owners often fall into a routine because of the same tasks they complete on a consistent basis. However, that routine could be the creativity killer that is damaging your perspective of the industry.

Start small by mixing up your daily activities or even completing a task in a different manner to which you normally would. Remember, change can sometimes be the spark that helps you identify areas you can improve in.

Practice breaking the rules

Similar to your daily routine, industry norms can also limit your creative output. It's important to remember that just because there is a common way to conduct business within your industry doesn't make it the best way.

A great way to embrace creativity is to make changes to your personal life and take those potentially daring risks that would usually be out the question. The most important thing is that you move out of your comfort zone.

Ask dumb questions

Sometimes we postpone our creativity by trying to fit in. As individuals we often avoid asking or even answering questions out of fear of looking dumb.

Try and trigger your creativity through curiosity and don't be scared to ask questions that may seem simple. In order to identify creative business solutions it's essential you understand how certain things work in your business operation and why they work that way in particular.

Embracing creativity is all about stepping outside of your comfort zone and looking at different ways to approach a problem or create a solution. Sometimes routine and industry norms can hold your business back, so being the first to think outside the box could be your chance to identify yourself as a business leader.

Struggling to inspire your staff training? Get creative!

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