Tips to calm cold calling nerves

As a small business owner you will most likely be required to make a cold call in a number of different circumstances. Whether sourcing a new supplier, contacting debtors or making a sale, cold calling can be a nervous experience for the best of SME owners.

In order to overcome your pre-call jitters, we've sourced four tips that can help guarantee a more casual phone conversation.

Perfect your opening

Today's employee is very limited on time so you have to capture their imagination in the first few minutes of your phone call. In the instance you fail to open your call correctly you immediately limit any chance of success. Try experimenting with different openings for your first few calls and then gauge which one works best.

Have a reason for calling

This means conducting the necessary background research on the person you are calling and identifying what your business can do to help them. Put yourself in the position of the person you are calling and try to think of what information you might like to hear over the phone.

Maintain your work ethic

Cold calling is a time consuming process that can really test your patience. It's important to be consistent and committed to give yourself the best chance of success.

On a good day you might open with 10 successful phone calls in a row, but it's equally possible to go a whole day without any success. Therefore it's vital to recognise that a 100% success rate will never be sustainable and in order to ensure your success it's important to call all targets on your list.

Measure and evaluate

The best way to improve your cold calling technique is by constantly measuring, evaluating and updating it. There are a number of scenarios that may require you to make a cold call and each scenario will have a different success rate based on different techniques. Try to keep a detailed record of what works best in what situation to confirm your chances of success.

Cold calling is much like public speaking; it can come naturally to some and truly intimidate others. In order to be successful it's important you do the adequate preparation and constantly evaluate your technique. Try to remain relaxed as the call isn't about you, it's about your product.

More importantly always remember, practice makes perfect!

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