Essentials.jpg      Starting and running a small business is a massive commitment.  Unlike big businesses that can hire legions of staff to perform all sorts of roles, small business owners end up doing most jobs.  This section provides insight into some key issues for every small owner to think about.

Back to basics: What you need to know about family business 18 April, 2013
Family businesses are one of the earliest forms of business structure, having been around long before private limited companies and publicly-listed corporations. But while it can be extremely profitable and stable, there are some things you need to know about family business that differentiates it from other forms of business.
3 tips for selecting your cloud computing provider 15 April, 2013
Transitioning to cloud computing can be a challenge, the first of which is selecting the right provider for your needs.
Preserve your family as you build your business 28 March, 2013
Despite the importance of work-life balance, most entrepreneurs have a 24-hour work day and often, their relationship with your loved ones is the first thing to suffer. Here's how you can preserve your relationships and grow your business at the same time.
4 tips to improve your negotiation skills 27 March, 2013
Whether it's negotiating your lease, supply contract or a big customer project, bargaining skills will always come in handy when your goal is to persuade someone to your point of view. Here are five quick tips to help you improve your negotiation skills.
The benefits of specialisation 26 March, 2013
Many business owners often have the dilemma of choosing whether to specialise in selling a certain product or service, or offer as many products as they can to maximise sales.
Has my hobby become a business? 22 March, 2013
Hobbies are great to have because they give you an outlet to do something of interest to you outside of your regular occupation and may even be relaxing or therapeutic. There comes a time however, when your hobby may have in fact turned into a business.
Four common assumptions about family businesses 15 March, 2013
With family firms accounting for around 70 per cent of all Australian businesses, here are the four most common assumptions made about family businesses to help you evaluate if this is the right type of business for you.
How can an office manager help your SME? 15 March, 2013
An office manager can handle a wide variety of duties, in fact, you'll find the specific job description varies from company to company. Overall, however, the goal of the office manager role is to keep your company running smoothly and efficiently.
Transitioning from a sole trader to a micro-business 06 March, 2013
Operating as a sole trader may be a viable option for the first year, but once sales pick up and your business expands, you may want to consider calling in additional help. Here are five tips you should know about before starting the hiring process.
3 inspiring start-up models 04 March, 2013
When it comes to starting your own business for the first time, carving a niche for yourself or thinking creatively can help you stay ahead of the curve - here are 3 ideas to inspire your first start-up.

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