How can my business benefit from smartphone technology? 25 September, 2012
As more consumers use their phones to access information and purchase products, the businesses that use mobile-friendly technology will find themselves in sync with their customers. Here are some ways your business can leverage this technology to benefit your sales and marketing strategy.
Should I grow my business through exports? 18 September, 2012
Exporting interstate or overseas is a good way to increase your customer base as well as raise sales and productivity, but it may not be for everybody.
Should I employ family and friends in my small business? 07 August, 2012
Surrounding yourself with family and friends at work may seem like the ideal situation for a startup, but there are a couple of things to watch out for.
How can I put up my prices without losing any clients? 27 July, 2012
For a small business, raising prices can be the kiss of death, but not if you do it right and keep your goods and services affordable for your target audience.
Why was I denied credit or a loan? 17 July, 2012
One of the biggest challenges facing small businesses is access to mainstream credit, which can not only be extremely frustrating, but also prevents a business from growing.
How should I prepare to end my business? 05 July, 2012
If you've finally decided to end your business, but don't know where to start, here are some steps you should follow to help you with the process.
Am I operating under the correct business structure? 28 June, 2012
While selecting a legal structure for your new business may seem to be one of the easier choices when setting up operations, it is no less critical.
Will my personal financial history affect my startup? 15 June, 2012
For many  unincorporated small business startups, it is  often necessary to finance a new business venture using personal credit, before a business credit profile can be developed.
Is my business entitled to any tax concessions? 29 May, 2012
Knowing what tax  concessions you are eligible for provides you with a clearer picture of taxable income, which is critical for SMEs who may need to pay business tax as part of a pay as you go arrangement.   Here are some of the main deductions your business can claim.
Are my account keeping practices working? 09 May, 2012
Good account keeping practices are the cornerstone of a healthy business. However, this if often one of the first areas to be forgotten in the rush to secure and service new business. So what are the signs of an account keeping system not functioning at full capacity?

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