What to do when business is slow

Life can't always be in the fast lane - business inevitably slows down and this can be due to a sluggish economy or lack of sales during seasonal periods. This is not necessarily a bad thing as a quieter period can enable you to catch up on less important tasks. Here are some of the things to consider doing:

  • Spend this time developing and testing new products.
  • Training staff, particuarly technical staff or front-of-house staff.
  • Analyse why you're seeing a downturn in sales and go to the root cause of the problem, e.g. lack of valid business goals or poor time management.
  • Plan a small scale client event, such as an exclusive breakfast event or a cocktail party to strengthen relationships with your customers.
  • Analyse your marketing strategy and see what might be lacking in terms of customer emails, advertising, public relations or social media.
  • Catch up on administrative tasks, e.g. filing, data entry, data cleansing.
  • Start a newsletter, either internally or to your customers
  • Spring-clean your office
  • Review your business goals/plan to determine if they're still relevant
  • Take a management or business course
  • Competitor analysis

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