How can I get involved in social media to promote my business? 27 April, 2012
Most businesses these days have websites to provide information and online shopping to customers, but social media takes the experience one step further by bringing your business to consumers instead of the other way around.
How should I collect debts without damaging the business relationship? 27 April, 2012
While collecting overdue debt is always a sensitive issue, you don't want to compromise your cash flow cycle for a non-paying customer.
What factors should I consider before extending credit? 27 April, 2012
Extending credit for the first time can be daunting, particularly if terms such as 'non-payment' or 'credit risk' are used. However, providing credit to customers and suppliers is a good move as it makes it easier for firms and individuals to transact with you.
How do the changes to the personal property securities register affect my business? 27 April, 2012
The purpose of the personal property register is to improve how businesses, particularly small-to-medium sized businesses, use their property to secure lending and hence safeguard against customer insolvency.
Should I start my own business or a franchise? 27 April, 2012
Starting a business from scratch and buying a franchise both involve considerable risks, and there are myriad of lifestyle and financial factors to think about with either option.
How often should I review my budget? 15 December, 2011
Your business budget is a critically important tool that will help you to understand how your business in travelling. Therefore, it should be reviewed regularly (the D&B team would suggest monthly) to make sure you are on top of things and don't get hit with any nasty surprises.
Do I have sufficient funds to run my own business? 01 November, 2011
It is common for small business start-ups to begin operating with a limited pool of funds that would only keep them operational for a few weeks or months. This is often not the best approach as it takes time for a new firm to get established, get noticed and start making sales...
Am I cut out to work on my own?
Starting your own business, being your own boss, setting your own rules - it sounds like an ideal situation doesn't it? For some people running their own small business truly is a dream come true but for others, it can be a lonely and often times miserable experience...
I'm about to start a business have I done enough research?
The excitement of starting your own business can result in sometimes hasty actions. It's important you get  the balance right and don't over or under do the research...  
A debtor says they have no money, what do I do?
The first thing you must consider is the size of the debt. The options you have to pursue the debt will cost you money and therefore, you must decide whether it is worth pursuing....

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