Can I charge late payment fees on overdue accounts?
Improving payment terms is undoubtedly a benneficial move for businesses. However, before you go ahead and implement a late payment penalty it is important to ensure your accounts receivable process is as efficient as it could be....
How many times should I contact late payers before I call in the collectors?
Every client is different and consequently it is difficult to apply a set number of contacts that should be made before a debt is referred to a collections agency for further action. Rather than thinking about how many times a debtor has been contacted it is often useful to consider whether the process that has been used is effective.
Will a company's credit rating be adversely affected if a debt collection company is called in?
It depends on the company to whom the debt is owed and how overdue the debt is. To be listed on a company's credit report a debt must be at least 60 days overdue.
How do I select a debt collection company?
Do the research - you need to ensure you are using a reputable company that has the skills and know how to re-coup the funds you are owed.
How do I get a DUNS number?
The  D-U-N-S Number is  the  industry standard for business listings and is key to  building your D&B company profile. In today's global economy, the D&B D-U-N-S Number has become the standard for keeping track of the world's businesses.
What can I do about a default on my credit file? 06 December, 2009
There are avenues you can utilise to have your complaint addressed. However, you must be aware that it is standard procedure for a default to remain on a persons credit file for up to five years - it can be listed as paid, however it will not be removed.The following steps can be taken to address concerns you may have about your credit file.
Who should follow up late payments in my business? 18 November, 2009
Should the account manager or a separate accounts receivable person follow up late payment in order to protect the business relationship?
What do you do with customers that say their payment terms are 45 days? 10 November, 2009
Avoiding bad debts and cash flow difficulties requires preparation. Implementing the following procedures in your business can help to ensure that you avoid the burden of bad payers.
Can directors be made personally liable for a business' debt? 05 September, 2009
The    options available in terms of up-front guarantees or making the directors personally liable for the entity's debt in the event of failure of a company.

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