10 marketing tips to build your SME

Building a strong customer base is an essential part of growing any SME business. Unfortunately, not every business can grow on the back of their product or service alone, and for some it is a necessity to instill marketing tactics in order to acquire a larger customer base.

1.       Know your customers

A good marketing plan is based on the strong foundation of customer research. In order to acquire more customers, it is essential you first understand the type of customers you are attracting. By having this knowledge you are then capable to become more specific in your marketing efforts and can effectively target those who are more likely to be influenced.

2.       Get value for your investment

Generally speaking the marketing budget won't be excessive for any small business. It's important to get a good return on the money you invest. The best way to achieve this is with a targeted marketing approach that will streamline your marketing efforts toward a specific profile of your typical customers interested in your product.

3.       Manage your relationships

In order to maintain your relationships with your existing customer base it is important to regularly try and seek feedback from them. Feedback, whether positive or negative, will display to your customers that you are interested in their opinions and making constant improvements to your business for the benefit of their own interest.

4.       Invest in quality data

Quality data is especially important because it helps you further understand the type of customers interested in your product and to be more actionable in your targeting efforts. For the most effective results, ensure your marketing team is analysing the most relevant data which in turn will allow your sales team to pursue the best possible leads.

5.       Target profiles that match your most profitable customers

Quality data allows you to dissect information on your customer base and those who purchase your products most often. By using this information you are capable of prospecting business to new customers with a similar profile.

6.       Add value to your proposition

It's important potential customers as well as your current customers know the point of difference between your business and its competitors. Ensure your proposition matches your target market and the environment your business is operating in.

7.       Embrace digital

The digital world plays an integral part in the way businesses and products are perceived by consumers. By embracing the online world of marketing you are able to attach a digital voice to your business and have some say in the discussion that is occurring online.

8.       Integrate your channels

The impact of your marketing campaign is largely determined by how many people you can get your message to. Multiple channel campaigns are far more successful in than single channel campaigns especially because of the increasing growth of digital marketing platforms.

9.       Establish beneficial partnerships

A cheap and time effective way of maximising your campaign is to align it with sales and marketing partners who share similar products or services.  Choosing the right partners  will drive customers to your business without the need to break the bank.

10.   Stick to the plan

The most important thing to remember when implementing your campaign is to keep reverting back to the plan. Your plan should clearly outline the timeframe to complete your marketing objectives and should also indicate how much spend is required to achieve the desired results.


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