3 content marketing techniques that deliver ROI

More and more businesses are turning to content marketing to drive qualified traffic and leads online. For anyone unfamiliar with content marketing, it's best described as creating and sharing content to engage and acquire potential customers. Content marketing falls under the larger inbound marketing umbrella, which includes blogging, SEO, social media efforts and email marketing.

But cheap, low-value SEO techniques no longer work in today's digital world - many are turning to content marketing to move the needle. So if you're a business owner, you might be wondering "What are some of the most cost-efficient content marketing tactics I can leverage, and where should I invest in my marketing dollars for the best return?"

Here are three high ROI content marketing asset types, the benefits they offer and tips on how to create them.


Publishing useful content on your blog is a highly effective way to build your audience and engage them. It's also a great way to position your company as an authority in your niche and build brand awareness.

From an inbound marketing perspective, blogging can help you generate valuable inbound links (which helps raise the "SEO value" and visibility of your website in the search results), as well the range of content you produce helps your site rank for a broad basket of keywords that are relevant to your product or service.

Some examples of high ROI content types you can publish on your blog include interviews, keyword driven topics and weekly "roundups".


An infographic refers to information or data presented in a graphic visual way. A well-done, compelling infographic will generate social shares, natural link activity and trusted brand signals from authoritative publishers - all of which are highly valued by Google.

When it comes to creating them, one cost-effective approach is to do it yourself, and there are a range of useful, free tools and tutorials to help you research and design your own infographics. As for promotion, you can conduct outreach to sites that might be interested in publishing your infographic. You can also submit your graphic to a range of infographic curation websites which are likely to run it on their sites for free.

Guest posts

Guest blogging is a highly effective strategy that allows you to publish your content on other blogs or websites in return for brand exposure and a link back to your site. Many Web publishers are constantly hungry for fresh content, so they're willing to run your articles on their site and you get a chance to promote your company in an author bio in your guest article.

The benefits of guest posting include building relationships with authoritative publishers, boosting  brand awareness and exposure to a wider audience, among others. Importantly, it has the ability to increase SEO value for your website through editorial links.

By Ken Lyons at AllBusiness.com

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