Every small business owner knows that effective marketing is critical to business success.  There's no point having a great product or service if no one knows about it. However, many small businesses are daunted by the marketing process, unsure where to start and what it might all cost.

The good news is that small businesses don't necessarily need lots of money for their marketing. There are some marketing basics that every small business can follow to start their marketing campaign and build their profile.

Following is a wealth of information on small business marketing from building a brand to managing a direct mail campaign and growing sales.

How to generate attention for your next press release 14 October, 2013
Developing your brand and growing your business through public relations is a great way to generate marketing activity on a limited budget.
Seven tips to good email ettiquette 25 September, 2013
In today's environment email communication is as common as conducting business face-to-face. Despite this, many people still fail to apply the same level of customer courtesy via email that they would if they were communicating with customers in their store.
Kick starting your online marketing activity 17 September, 2013
Getting  started with your  online marketing activity can be a daunting task. With so many platforms available online it's often the first steps that are the most challenging.
Four key benefits of running a business blog 05 September, 2013
If your SME is active online and in the social space there is a high chance you have thought about developing a blog to accompany your online marketing activities.
Factors that determine your online sales 09 July, 2014
Spreading your brand online and trying to maximise sales is almost an art, especially when you consider the increasing number of businesses embracing e-commerce
Five reasons your website is failing 22 August, 2013
Succeeding online isn't as simple as many SME owners initially think it should be. Many small business owners often confuse the concept of a cost effective marketing strategy with a simple approach for building success.
Four ways to constantly refresh your brand 19 August, 2013
Every business owner knows the basic model of a business lifecycle; introduction, growth, maturity and decline. But what do you do after the decline?
Five non-negotiable steps to social media success 10 August, 2013
Every day more small businesses are jumping on the social media train and who can blame them given the benefits of owning a Facebook or Twitter page.
Four offline marketing tips that still work 04 August, 2013
Just because your business has an online profile, doesn't  mean you should completely ignore potential offline marketing activity that could generate new customers.
Posting on Facebook: a how-to guide on frequency 31 July, 2013
There's no doubt that social media and Facebook in particular is a great way to generate attention and build your brand profile to potential customers online.


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