Building a brand presence on YouTube

Jumping online can be an intimidating experience for many SME owners, especially for those unfamiliar with the process of building an online profile. However, in today's market it's common for businesses to turn to the internet to further their growth with Facebook and Twitter being the most common platforms embraced by SME owners.

Another common platform for businesses - but usually only successfully utilised by bigger brands - is YouTube.

YouTube plays a prominent role in search terms today, with Google consistently loading video results on the first page of search results.

So how do you build your presence via YouTube? Here are five types of videos as mentioned on Marketing Tech that can improve your YouTube content and help you develop a strong brand image through video content.

How to guides

'How to?' is one of the most common phrases entered into Google and people respond better to instruction when watching rather than reading. Think about your business and the industry you operate in, then brainstorm what instructional videos would be of the most value to your customer base.


Following the same theme of education, Q&A's are a great way to address what's on the mind of your common consumer. Survey your loyal customers and find out what FAQs are relevant to your industry, then use your YouTube video as an opportunity to address their curiosity.

Use your existing content

If you run a successful blog, Facebook page or Twitter account you probably already know a thing or two about good content. Remember, some people are more visually engaged, so try adapting and repurposing your existing online content for YouTube.

Initiate curiosity

YouTube is all about standing out from the crowd, so think about an idea that can separate you from your competitors and also intrigue different groups.

Although it's not easy to produce unique content, try to find a different angle or niche that will make your video appeal to a larger audience base. For example, a blender is a product that won't naturally draw enthusiasm from a large audience. However, Blendtec made the product popular by asking YouTube audiences the question: will it blend?

Show your business personality

Users won't engage with an overly-promotional video, but YouTube is a great opportunity to demonstrate a different side of your business. By showing the fun and friendly persona of your business you provide an experience for consumers to relate to. Remember, people don't relate well to faceless organisations so attach your brand to a face and personality to help improve the customer experience. 

Looking to further improve your customer experience, click here for more information on how to create a great customer experience.


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