Email marketing pitfalls: Part 1

Since small businesses Do a substantial part of their marketing on the Internet, it's not surprising that many have resorted to email marketing to advertise their products or services.

This low-cost marketing technique can enable you to reach thousands via email messages, but more often than not business owners find it difficult to translate this technique into loyalty and sales.

Here are four most common email marketing pitfalls:

No differentiation

Sending the same single message to all contacts is an ineffective way to use email marketing. Different individuals have different preferences and needs, and most brands have more than one product. It is therefore important to know your customer and what they like in order to send them relevant messaging.

No segmentation

Buyers in the US will likely have different needs or wants  from those in South America or Europe, just as a major corporate CEO will have different needs from a small business owner. So manage your message accordingly.

Poor subject line

Dull subject lines like "January newsletter" or "weekly bulletin" will reduce the open rates of your message. Before a recipient opens the email, the subject line is the first thing he/she sees. It needs to be compelling and, if possible, needs to promise that the reader will gain something by opening the message.

Anonymous sender

Revealing whom the email is from can be as important as the subject line and will undoubtedly have a significant impact on whether or not the email is opened. Make sure that recipients know that the email has come from a legitimate business to gain credibility and to avoid the email looking like spam. It may also be a good idea to sign off on the bottom of the email where relevant to add a personal touch.

Part 2 reveals additional marketing pitfalls to watch out for.

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