Three factors that determine your online sales

Spreading your brand online and trying to maximise sales is almost an art, especially when you consider the increasing number of businesses embracing e-commerce.

Building an online presence isn't easy and sometimes even businesses or brands that have an already strong online profile struggle to consolidate the attention into sales.

So how exactly do you turn click through into commercial success? We've sourced the three key factors to consider and will discuss what makes them so critical to your business.


The online market is saturated with different products from all over the world. Therefore price is a critical element to the success of your online selling.

When determining price it's important you determine your product's point of difference by comparing it to what's in the market. For example, you could be offering a more premium product for a higher price or alternatively it may be a cheap but effective alternative to competition. The key is to keep an eye on the competition, what they offer and how much they sell for. Then, think of how your product compares and determine a price you think fair.

Ease of purchase

One of the major benefits of online shopping is convenience so it's essential you make your checkout process simple. Your target audience will largely depend on your product and generally speaking the younger your audience the more technologically capable they will be. However, it's still important to make things easy for your customers so avoid falling into the assumption that they can navigate your website based purely on their experience.


Even though online shopping continues to grow in popularity, customers still have their concerns with security. Developing trust is probably the most important and difficult aspect when starting your online business.

Initially because of the absence of reviews trust will be hard to develop, but sometimes even something as simple as your webpage layout can reassure customers. Think of your websites design as a shop window, what is likely to attract customers and what is likely to confirm their business.

A great website can reinforce customer opinions, click here for three things your website should have!

Getting attention online is difficult and even after you've built an online presence converting that attention into sales is a completely different challenge. However, by aligning your price with your market research and making your site easy to navigate, you increase the chance of traffic becoming revenue.

Still deciding if an online business will work for you?

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