Five ways to drive customers to your website

Creating a high traffic e-commerce strategy is like diversifying an investment portfolio. You must try to attract customers from a number of different online angles.

Here are five relatively simple and inexpensive ways you can increase online traffic to your business website and capture more customers - and more profits!

Use relevant keywords in website content

Search engines account for approximately 35 per cent of referral traffic to e-commerce websites. Think of three to five words that customers use to search for your product. Keywords often include the product category, brand name, and model. Make sure that these keywords appear in your product description and your metatags to raise your search ranking and increase search engine referral traffic.

Start a SEM campaign

Advertise your business on major search engines and social networks. Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Facebook all offer pay-per-click programs that display your ad to potentially interested users. Google Adwords is the largest pay-per-click network, so start there.

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Create educational web content

In addition to web content that promotes your product or service, create educational articles that provide real value to readers, even if there is no immediate connection to driving a sale. This online strategy can be used for almost any business.

For example, if you are in the mortgage business, consider creating a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page that answers common mortgage questions. If you own a landscaping business, provide a few useful tips for lawn care and maintenance.

Educational content creates goodwill with potential customers, and it is likely to be linked to by other websites, which will help your overall online presence. Be sure to include your keywords in the title and body of the text.

Enable customer reviews

Consider dedicating a portion of each product page to user-generated reviews. Allowing customers to interact with the site means it is updated more often and listed higher on organic searches. If you're worried about getting a flood of bad publicity for your business, consider asking your top customers to write testimonials that you can pre-screen.

Start a company blog

Ask the managers in your business, or allocate dedicated writers, to write about industry topics, new products, and your firm's expertise. A good blog will create referral traffic when the link is posted on social media or other blogging sites. Make sure to include a comments field to promote user-generated content.

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