Four offline marketing tips that still work

Just because your business has an online profile doesn't mean you should completely ignore potential offline marketing activity that could generate new customers.

Many SME owners will feel that the future is online and as a result they ignore offline strategy to avoid the cost and hassle. But even one of the biggest online retailers in Amazon has conducted its fair share of offline marketing through print and TV ads.

Here are four offline marketing tips that still work even with the increasing popularity of online marketing.

Speak at seminars

Generating attention as an SME owner isn't easy and sometimes the hardest thing is standing out from the crowd. Speaking at seminars is a great way to get your brand message across but it's also a good opportunity to exhibit your own expertise to a wider audience. Try to start small by sourcing local speaking events and then build to state events as your business begins to grow.

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Local sponsorship

Sponsorships are a great way to spread your brand name to the local community. Not only do sponsorships improve your brand image, they also develop a strong brand reputation by displaying commitment to the community. A good place to start with sponsorships are popular community events, local sports teams and charity functions. Charity functions can be effective on a few levels as they also demonstrate a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Make some free merchandise available

Making free things available is a great way to get your brand name across. Sometimes, it's not even necessary to give away your own products. There are services available that can help you create branded umbrellas, branded pens, branded recycling bags and more. The more ways you spread your name, the more likely you are to receive click through.

Join a club that will allow you to network

There is a range of clubs and associations that have networking nights and attending can sometimes lead to new business. If you're looking to start locally check with the council to see if they have any upcoming events.

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