How to generate attention for your next press release

Developing your brand and growing your business through public relations is a great way to generate marketing activity on a limited budget.

Many startup businesses don't have the budget to spend big on advertising or direct mail campaigns. PR represents a cost effective solution for the same objective. After all distributing a press release can arguably be just as - if not more - effective than advertising in the local paper.

However, with intense competition and thousands of press releases distributed every day it can be difficult to generate attention. Here are the basics for modifying your release to increase its chances of exposure:

Maximise sharing

One of the major benefits of the internet and online news is how easily it can be shared. Therefore developing a successful release can be as easy as following a simple formatting template. It's also a good idea to make your headline short, snappy and interesting so it builds intrigue when shared on social media.

Make it visual

Integrating pictures into your release can build on its original appeal. Not only do pictures build on the story you're telling they also add more character. The most important thing to remember when including a photo is that the picture is eye catching and relevant to the story. Additionally it's also vital that you take the photo yourself or have an appropriate license to use the photo if it was taken by a third party.

Be creative

How you portray a story can ultimately affect how the press release is received by journalists or shared by an audience. It's important you take a step back and consider the release from their point of view. Determine what you would find interesting as a reader and then work on developing a story that will be media friendly. Use facts or figures to drive home value propositions and try not to sound like everyone else.

Building brand awareness and developing a marketing strategy on a shoe string budget is a problem many startups face. Press releases are a great way to earn media attention without splashing out on advertising. So long as you keep the release simple, visual and creative you increase the likelihood of your story being picked up.

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