How to get your business noticed on Twitter

Provided you have an internet connection, Twitter, and other social media, is a free marketing tool with an almost limitless audience. But knowing how to increase your followers among Twitter's hundreds-of-millions of daily tweets can be a struggle for small businesses.

Here are five tips to get your business noticed on this rapidly growing social media platform, as suggested by Dynamic Business.

  1. Keep it regular

    Twitter updates should be frequent and regular, at least once a day, but more if you can. This tells potential followers it will be worthwhile following your tweets and shows you are an active and engaged user. It doesn't matter if you don't have any followers yet; when someone tracks you down they're going to see your timeline of tweets and be more likely to follow!

  2. Promote your Twitter feed

    Customers coming to your website have already shown they're interested in your business, so take advantage of this 'captive audience' by adding the Twitter button to your homepage. This will take customers straight to your new account and help build that list of followers.

  3. Get a handle on your signature

    Another simple way to promote the fact you're on Twitter is by adding your handle to your email signature. Think about how many emails you send every week - that gives you an idea of how many new followers you could be adding!

  4. Integrate Twitter with your news

    Most businesses produce an electronic newsletter, or post news items online for their customers to read. If you're doing this, make sure you keep working links to your Twitter account into your news. The more communications channels the better - and if somebody wants to read your news they'll want to read your tweets, too.

  5. Get competitive

    People love prizes. Use competition prizes as a hook for getting people on Twitter. Simply set up your competition so that anybody who wants to enter needs to follow you. Many small businesses do this well with small prize offerings, like movie tickets or a book. But remember, there are regulations surrounding competitions, so make sure yours is a game of skill that won't require a licence.

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