Posting on Facebook: A how-to guide on frequency

There's no doubt that social media and Facebook in particular is a great way to generate attention and build your brand profile to potential customers online.

Starting up on Facebook is easy enough, but having an effective presence is the difficult part. The first stepping stone is finding content that will be relevant to your target audience, but deciding how often to post that content can be a real conundrum.

Here are some tips from Dynamic Business that can be used as a how to guide for helping your social media activity.

Don't post the same content

Posting frequently on Facebook is actually a great way to increase brand engagement, but it's vital that you have varied content that will actually encourage your fans to engage in the first place.

Before making a post consider how you would respond to that content if a brand made that post on your wall. It's a good idea to take a cautious approach to your posting frequency to try and gauge how effective your content is and then gradually increase or change your content strategy based on the reaction from your fans.

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Keep posts to one a day

Social media is a great platform to build your brand profile, but there's no point posting if it is going to negatively impact your brand image. Posting too often can have a reverse effect on what you are trying to achieve so try and keep your posts to one a day.

As we mentioned, try to consider your own news feed and how you would respond to consistent posts from one brand.
Timing is more important than frequency

Since a Facebook post has an average lifespan of only three hours its more about when you post, not how often.

Timing will be largely dependent on who your audience is and when they are likely to be on Facebook. Most users will typically review their newsfeed in the morning before work, during their lunch break and then in the evening, but this may vary depending on your target audience. Therefore it makes sense to cater your posts based on the activity of the demographic you are trying to reach.

Keep it simple

Remember, your fans are subscribed to posts from their hundreds or often thousands of friends and other brands they follow. In order to stand out from the crowd try to keep your posts short and succinct.

Crowd-sourced posts that encourage activity with fans and other users by asking a question can also be a great way to generate an online discussion.

Facebook is a great cost effective way to build interest to your brand in a simple, user-friendly way. Generating content and enthusiasm from fans can be difficult, but by following these posting tips from Dynamic Business you improve how your business engages with fans and maintain a strong online presence.

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