Targeted campaigns

Pre-screening for direct marketing campaigns and getting the best bang for your buck

Every time you conduct a direct mail or telemarketing campaign you are contacting people who may become customers but will be bad payers.  This ends up costing you a lot more than just the initial marketing spend.  It means you have bad debt and have wasted time and money chasing it.

A key way to avoid this problem is pre-screening the credit worthiness of your prospects before you market to them.  Pre-screening allows you to 'wash' your marketing list to determine which of your prospects have a history of paying on time and which ones don't.  You can then use this information to target only those prospects with a history of paying their bills on time.  After all there's no point winning business from customers that won't pay your invoice.

Therefore, pre-screening can help you avoid bad debt and save you on your marketing costs by ensuring that you only market to 'good' prospects rather than everyone.

The best way to pre-screen your prospects is through a credit reporting agency.  You simply provide them with your prospect list and ask them to provide you with information on the risk and payment profile of each prospect.  You then target only those prospects that meet your required level of risk.

Or you can pre-screen yourself.  Look at your existing customers and build a profile of a good customer.  A good customer is one who is profitable and pays on time.  Key characteristics to consider include:

  • Speed of bill payment
  • Financial position
  • Size of company - revenue and employee size
  • Industry
  • Location
  • Age.

You can then use this profile to determine which of your prospects have similar attributes and target your marketing accordingly.

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