Three blog posts that work

Starting a blog and making the decision to try and draw an audience to your brand online can be a great support to business growth. Drawing attention to your blog can depend on a range of variables, such as how often you post or what you post about.

In order to generate an audience it's important to try and post content that will seem relevant and popular to your target customers. However, there are some posts and formats that work particularly better than others.

Here are three blog posts, as suggested by Marketing Tech, that consistently work and can help increase traffic to your website.


Interviews are beneficial to audiences because they allow another perspective to be introduced into the blog. As a small business your blog will generally only have one writer, so interviewing allows you to change the tone and introduce a fresh opinion.

When trying to source an interview it's important to only organise interviews with key figures inside your industry that will have something worthwhile to say to your target audience. Remember, try to keep it engaging by asking interesting questions and don't forget you can always edit out any irrelevant information for your final post - ensuring you get approval from the interviewee.


Lists are hugely successful online because they are fun, logical and engaging. However, arguably the biggest benefit of a blog list is the discussion it generates that gives potential customers a chance to interact with your brand.

Although lists are relatively easy to write, it's still essential to do the proper research and incorporate clear formatting that will entice the user back to the blog.


Opinion pieces generate discussion and have the potential to build an audience base, especially if your opinion is well thought out and tied in to a current hot topic. In order to stand out you should aim to create a point of difference between your opinion and the opinions of others online. One way to differentiate your own opinion is to incorporate personal experience to help get your message through. 

It's also equally important to pay close attention to the formatting of your piece. It's best to keep it simple as the best opinion pieces will be well formatted and easy to read; similar to a list posting.

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