Top 10 tips for your direct mail campaign

Direct mail campaigns can be a tricky form to master. Although very effective when applied the correct way, many direct mail campaigns are rolled out wrong resulting in a waste of time and money. The following are 10 key tips to make your direct mail campaign an overall success.

1. Be honest
It's important to highlight the benefits of your product relevant to your audience, but it's equally important not to overstate its ability. Most customers deserve more credit and can easily identify if your product doesn't deliver on the promises from your direct mail campaign. Make sure you clearly explain the benefits of your product and what it can achieve for your customers.

2. Test your mail
The last thing you want is a direct mail campaign that lacks any real impact or influence on a customer's decision. You may be well informed about your product, but that doesn't mean you are well informed on what your customers want to hear. By testing your mail piece with existing customers you are able to receive valuable feedback and implement their opinions in your next draft.

3. Grab their attention in the headline
Because direct mail is relatively cheap in comparison to other marketing efforts, many small businesses employ the practice as a key way to build its customer base. Due to the high volume of direct mail customers receive,its vital you capture their imagination straight away with a great headline that will entice them to read more.

4. Ensure you have visual and meaningful content
A great headline is important in generating immediate interest, but design and content is key to keeping them intrigued and selling the overall idea of your product to customers.

5. Follow up!
Due to the high volume of direct marketing campaigns it's possible your own campaign may become lost in the mix even when there are interested customers. Therefore, it is essential to follow up your marketing campaign and evolve interest into sales as quickly as possible.

6. Research drives results
Research is essential because it determines how potential customers think about your product and as a result defines the type of direct marketing campaign they will respond to. Ultimately research can develop your product knowledge into customer and sales knowledge.

7. Make sure your mail list is current
Despite being cheaper than alternatives, direct marketing campaigns still cost money. The last thing you want is to put in all the hard work and then find out your direct marketing campaign has completely missed its target audience because you weren't working off a current list.

8. Use relevant language
Know your audience. If you are selling to a general audience be sure to avoid using jargon that only professionals may understand. The easier your marketing is to understand the more relevant it will be to a wider audience.

9. Include a call to action
A weakness of several direct mail campaigns is that they provide too much detail without directing the intended audience. In order for potential customers to interact with your business its important they know the best way to do so. A call of action on your direct mail ensures they have a lead to guide them.

10. Check the details!
Direct mail pieces still require a reasonable investment of time and money. Don't waste the effort spent on your piece by a simple mistake. Ensure all the main details on your mail are accurate, starting with your contact details and price of the product.

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