Use your expertise to market your company

A small number of businesses recognise the opportunity to use their expertise as a marketing tool for the business. There are few better ways to market your business to new clients than to establish a reputation as a specialist or a high performing business.

While some may feel that promoting your accomplishments or capabilities is bragging, consider a well known name in your profession. How did they become known as experts in their field? They promoted their accomplishments and knowledge to a wide audience. To receive their level of acknowledgement, you need to do the same.

Below are five key activities to help you boost awareness of your business:


Put your knowledge and expertise into writing as it is an excellent way to become recognised as an expert and to get your name circulating the industry. With a multitude of publications on the look out for content, both online and print, your options are widespread. Submit to trade publications, newsletters, e-zines, blogs, websites (even your own) or all of the above and put your expertise out there. Just make sure you submit your writing to publications relevant to your target audience - there is little point writing for a young professional's blog if you sell campervans to retirees. If your writing skills are not strong, you can hire professionals to ghost write the piece or edit your work.

While it may seem a lot of time and effort, the boost to your reputation and visibility will make it worthwhile.


If you can handle public speaking, offer to speak at conferences, events or serve on a panel of experts. It is a great way to broadcast your expertise to a whole range of people simultaneously. Use your written work or previous experience as content for your presentation and include a short outline of your expertise and your business.

If you are struggling to work out how to ask to be speaker, identify organisations which have connections to your target market and offer to speak at one of their events. Most will jump at the chance for an unpaid, quality speaker.

Be Interviewed

Make yourself available for interviews with the media. If the news of the moment can be related to your business, contact a journalist that specialises in the topic or is assigned to the story to offer your expertise. It may seem pushy but you could be saving the journalist time as they are often under deadline pressure and may not seek you out. On the other hand, if you are particularly interested in following up a topic, pitch the idea to the editor yourself. It will be more beneficial to build a relationship with the editor or journalist so they start to ask for your expert opinion on their own accord.

Begin small with association newsletters, small blogs or local media. As your visibility grows, you can aim for higher profile media outlets.


Client testimonials are a simple tool which will assist in the development of your reputation. When you complete a good job, ask the client for a small written 'thank-you' mentioning their satisfaction and the reasons why. You can then publish the testimonial on your website, in your brochure or other marketing materials. Let your customers spread the word of your ability rather than blowing your own horn.

Testimonials are a valuable marketing tool but are also useful for reassuring potential customers. Sometimes unsure prospects only need to read a good review or a glowing testimonial to help them make the decision to give you their business.

Free Stuff

Everybody likes free stuff - whether it is free information and tips or discount products and services. Include offers in your marketing material to entice new clients. For example, offer a free industry report or discount service/product when someone signs up to receive your newsletter. If you offer free information, not only do you add another subscriber to your mailing list but you are cementing your reputation as an authority.

You can also add hints of valuable information or tips in your articles, newsletters or whitepapers. Just be careful not to give away too much as you want them to crave for more.

Tell Stories

Spread the word of your successes by telling stories about your clients. Include antidotes in articles, speeches, newsletters, presentations and interviews. By describing your client's accomplishments and challenges, you can slip in details of your involvement without boasting. It stops you appearing arrogant while still boosting your credibility by referring to your involvement.

Successfully marketing your business is a tricky and costly affair but it is worth the effort. For more tips on business promotion, while keeping the cost down read low cost methods for business promotion >>


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