Every small business owner knows that effective marketing is critical to business success.  There's no point having a great product or service if no one knows about it. However, many small businesses are daunted by the marketing process, unsure where to start and what it might all cost.

The good news is that small businesses don't necessarily need lots of money for their marketing. There are some marketing basics that every small business can follow to start their marketing campaign and build their profile.

Following is a wealth of information on small business marketing from building a brand to managing a direct mail campaign and growing sales.

Advertising basics for small businesses 20 April, 2011
One of the best quotes about the importance of advertising is by Stuart Henderson Britt and goes like this: "Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing but nobody else does."
Eight collateral marketing items every small business needs 24 March, 2011
Over time, you'll want to provide information about your company to lots of a variety of different people: employees, investors, existing and potential clients, and the media. Your company's success depends in part upon how well you communicate that information. This, in turn, may depend upon how well you prepare collateral items, ranging from company and product fact sheets to biographies of key employees. Every business should always have the following eight items on hand, ready to distribute.
Developing a press kit for your small business 15 13, 2011
Every company should have a press kit that puts forth key information about its business or product in a convenient, cohesive marketing package with the goal of attracting attention.
The ABCs of effective advertising 10 March, 2011
If you want your advertising to resonate with prospective customers, it's essential that you appeal to their emotions in some way. Fail to do this and you might as well be throwing money out the window.
Business marketing - challenging the myths 02 March, 2011
Every small business owner knows that marketing is essential to their success. Yet which strategies should firms employ For many SMEs direct mail is a cost effective way of reaching out to prospects, particularly for those in the business to business space.
Sending out your press release 10 February, 2011
Your press release is complete and ready for distribution. Now what do you do? One key to successful distribution is being smart about who receives your press release, so your first step is simply determining the receivers.
How to write an effective press release 1 February, 2011
Press releases can be just as powerful for your growing business as advertising, and they cost a lot less. A good press release can promote any important development at your company, but if it's written poorly the media may ignore it no matter how newsworthy the topic.
Quality data 27 January, 2011
"Quality data" is quickly becoming a popular term in marketing as executives realise its true value in reaching customers. Quality data ensures that marketing efforts are focused, strategic and more importantly, maximised. It helps you create the right proposition using the right voice, at the right time and through the right channel.
Top 5 B2B selling secrets 19 January, 2011
The fundamental difference between B2B and B2C selling is that business decisions usually involve more dollars. To give your sales team every opportunity to close a sale there are a wide range of strategies businesses can use in B2B selling. We've selected the top 5 used in the B2B space.
The key to profitability lies within your existing customer base 07 December, 2010
In today's competitive environment businesses must be aware that their most vital asset is their existing customer base. Protecting and maintaining strong relationships with these key customers should be a critical component in your sales and marketing strategy because it represents the key driver of future profitability and it is a reliable source of sustainable growth.


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