Every small business owner knows that effective marketing is critical to business success.  There's no point having a great product or service if no one knows about it. However, many small businesses are daunted by the marketing process, unsure where to start and what it might all cost.

The good news is that small businesses don't necessarily need lots of money for their marketing. There are some marketing basics that every small business can follow to start their marketing campaign and build their profile.

Following is a wealth of information on small business marketing from building a brand to managing a direct mail campaign and growing sales.

Marketing on the cheap 20 October, 2011
Every company needs some form of marketing and advertising, but the costs of carrying out these sorts of activities can be daunting for small businesses. However, you don �™t need to replicate the budget of a bigger business in order to successfully promote your business. Here we take a look at five affordable ways to market your business.
Online marketing must-knows 14 October, 2011
Obviously it depends on your budget  and time constraints, but ultimately undertaking online marketing yourself will be more cost-effective than hiring a dedicated employee or outsourcing to an agency.  All small business owners are entrepreneurial and that suggests a hands-on orientation. When it comes to online marketing, however, you may want to hand off the execution to someone else.
Segment your customers for higher profits 07 October, 2011
If you're like most business owners, a long list of customers makes you happy. You should also remember that many profitability problems can lurk in a lengthy account list, but instead of firing customers, you should consider segmenting them into different groups to maximise profits without losing accounts.
How you can use CSR as a marketing tool 16 September, 2011
Sponsorship and other corporate social responsibility activities, while traditionally associated with large companies, can also be a great way for small businesses to promote themselves and help a good cause at the same time.
Turning online complaints into a plus for your small business 01 September, 2011
Customer complaints can depress a small business's morale, but they should be viewed as an opportunity to improve. If handled correctly, complaints can help you attract new customers without spending a cent on advertising. Here are six ways you can turn a negative into a positive for your business.
How mobile marketing can help your customers 12 August, 2011
As people depend on their smartphones more and more to access email and information, many small businesses are concluding that it is time to use these new mobile tools to reach out to their busy customers and prospects. Here are some ways you can use the smartphone to make your customers' lives better and more convenient.
Overcoming cold-calling jitters 21 July, 2011
Cold-calling your customers can be a daunting prospect, especially for many small businesses wary of offending their client base. The trick to successful prospecting not to make it about what your business can gain from it but about what you can deliver to your customers. Here's how your salespeople can improve on their cold-calling skills.
How to identify your small business's target audience 14 July, 2011
Determining what kind of business you want to open is only the first step in the startup process- it's equally important to select your business's target audience. Here are some steps to identifying a specific market that has enough profit potential for you to succeed.
Three Ways to Make Facebook Work for Your Small Business 26 May, 2011
Instead of thinking about how to use Facebook, think about how to integrate Facebook to get more from the marketing you're already doing.
How to Use Your 'About Us' Page as a Marketing Tool 13 May, 2011
Glitzy or elegant graphics on the home page of your company website can make a great first impression. But one very crucial element of your site is often overlooked. It is the  'About Us' section, which is among the first three pages consumers go to when they visit a site.


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