Businesses signal spending intentions 04 March, 2014
Twice as many businesses intend to increase their levels of capital investment in the months ahead compared to those which will reduce their spending, with Australia's record-low borrowing costs and steady levels of confidence about growth during this year encouraging executives to prepare for stronger trade.
Corporate payments stallI 25 February, 2014
The rate at which Australian businesses are paying each other has not improved over the past year, with analysis of payments made during Q4 2013 showing that business invoices were settled in an average of 53 days; one day slower than a year earlier.
Sales expectations hit 10-year high 04 February, 2014
The outlook for stronger sales activity has surged to a 10-year high, with 47 per cent of businesses expecting increased trade during the June quarter as confidence builds about the year ahead.
Business activity expected to lift in 2014 07 January, 2014
Two out of three Australian businesses (68 per cent) are more optimistic about growth this year compared to 2013, with the positive mood lifting first quarter expectations for sales, profits, selling prices, investment and employment to their highest levels in 12 months.
Job hopes lift on 2014 outlook 03 December, 2013
Twice as many businesses intend to hire staff in the New Year compared to the final months of 2013, reversing 18 months of weak expectations on employment and signalling that confidence in the economy is building.
Earnings outlook hits 10-year high 05 November, 2013
Company profit expectations have reached their highest level since 2003, with Australian businesses anticipating a jump in takings in the New Year on the back of stronger sales and firming selling prices.
60% of invoices paid late 22 October, 2013
Australian businesses are failing to pay their bills on time more often than not, with 60 per cent of invoices settled beyond the standard 30-day payment period.
Profits outlook jumps on Christmas hopes 01 October, 2013
Australian businesses are expecting an earnings boost during the Christmas period, with the outlook for year-end profits jumping to their highest levels since the beginning of the year as confidence returns following the election.
Fraudsters line up for iPhone release 20 September, 2013
Today's  Australian release of  Apple's new iPhone models is expected to set off a rush of falsified customer applications, with credit data from the days following last  year's iPhone 5 release revealing there was a 131 per cent increase in  'high risk' phone applications.
Economic revivial to skip 2013 as business outlook goes flat 03 September, 2013
Business expectations for the final quarter of the year have fallen flat in a sign that the economy's long-awaited revival will not occur in 2013.

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