Giving Small Business Credit

Finding new opportunities in Australia's most dynamic credit market

One of the biggest challenges facing small business in Australia is access to mainstream credit, largely the result of an inability of credit providers to adequately assess and price small business risk.

At the heart of this challenge are information asymmetries. Bridging the gap in information between lenders and borrowers is essential to improving the flow of credit to small business.

This challenge is further complicated by the unique characteristics of many small firms. First among those is that small businesses are often indistinguishable from their owner - the commercial and consumer entity are the same. This means that a holistic picture of small business risk can only be obtained by acquiring an understanding of an entity's commercial and consumer profile.

This whitepaper examines the challenge of information asymmetries in small business credit.

In particular it:

  • Identifies the unique characteristics of a small business and provides a workable definition
  • Examines how information asymmetries for small business can be reduced
  • Reveals an untapped credit market of more than one million small businesses in Australia and provides an overview of their risk profile

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