Giving small business credit (March 2012)

One of the biggest challenges facing small business in Australia is access to mainstream credit, largely the result of an inability of credit providers to adequately assess and price small business risk. This D&B white paper provides insight on how this obstacle can be overcome and how a risk profile for the one million unincorporated small entities in Australia can be identified.

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Corporate state of the nation (September 2011)

This D&B white paper utilises its extensive company database to analyse how Australian corporations, large and small, coped in a post-Global Financial Crisis period and provides you with a valuable insight into the performance of corporations in individual states and sectors during a unique period in history.

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Up the ante: take marketing to new heights (March 2011)

This Dun & Bradstreet whitepaper examines the marketing techniques required to deliver effective and profitable marketing campaigns, revealing the true practices that add real value to an organisation in a post-GFC world.

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Don't leave your business at risk 

The corporate fraud epidemic is costing the Australian economy $5.8 billion a year. Technological, social, demographic and economic developments provide ever-changing opportunities for clever fraudsters to burden your business with financial and reputational damage. However, this doesn't need to be the case.

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Improving collections in a volatile market

How early collections and data management can increase cash flow

Managing accounts receivable in an economic downturn is a difficult task - the quantity of accounts that require attention has increased exponentially as the number of people and firms facing financial stress has risen. However the key to improving recovery rates may easier than anticipated and the payoff for business could be significant.

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Consumers still in the danger zone

Risk of financial distress prevalent across the country

A third of the country remains in the danger zone for financial distress despite signs that economic
conditions are improving, with thirty three percent of Australia's postcodes designated a high risk rating on
Dun & Bradstreet's Geographic Risk Indicator.

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It's the data, stupid (June 2009)

Why accurate and timely data is the cornerstone of the business lifecycle

This Dun & Bradstreet whitepaper examines the critical role of data in business development and risk mitigation and explores a number of ways in which smart companies can gain true insight from data management and integration strategies.

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Protection against financial crimes (November 2008)

Lessons from the global experience

Protection against Financial Crimes offers critical lessons from around the world in tackling financial fraud.  In particular the whitepaper provides insight into how organisations can maximise the impact of their AML | CTF compliance spend by implementing a more holistic approach to combat financial crime.

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The evolution of risk (November 2008)

The role of credit managers in 2020

The Evolution of Risk identifies the global trends that will impact the credit risk assessment processes of Australian organisations in coming years. Recent events have altered the credit market drastically in a shift that has massive consequences for credit departments around the globe. However the credit crisis is only one contributor. The Evolution of Risk report identifies five key trends that will have profound and lasting impacts on the credit industry.

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